Truck accident lawyer Tacoma, WA

Seeking fair compensation for your injury

Have you experienced a collision with a commercial truck and been injured as a result? Unfortunately, commercial truck accident injuries are not uncommon.

Due to an ever-increasing demand for goods and services, more and more commercial vehicles take to the road to move and deliver goods and equipment around in Washington State.

Often trucking companies are under great pressure to move items as quickly as possible, and as a result, sometimes safety takes second priority. Overworked drivers sometimes get drowsy and cause accidents. Obviously, these accidents can be quite serious. Commercial vehicles pose a significant risk of injury due to their sheer size, weight, and the risk of improperly secured loads.

Dealing with commercial truck insurers

Commercial truck insurers are tough — so are our truck accident lawyers. Trucking companies, and their insurance carriers, often have numerous adjustors and attorneys who fight to keep the amount that they have to pay for an accident as low as possible.

We don’t advise pursuing a claim without the assistance of an experienced truck accident lawyer. Tacoma drivers who have suffered truck-accident-related injuries have been benefitting from our compassionate care and tenacious negotiating skills since 1979.

Our truck accident attorneys offer a free consultation to help inform you as to what your legal rights are after being involved in a truck or commercial vehicle accident.

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