Tacoma civil litigation attorneys

For those tricky transactions and challenging transitions

Our Tacoma civil litigation attorney team has the skill and expertise to represent you in many areas of the law.

For over 35 years our office has routinely assisted clients with everything from preparing wills to resolving property disputes. Our attorneys tirelessly advocate for our clients and have the knowledge to pursue or defend a wide range of civil actions.

The reasons for hiring a Tacoma civil litigation attorney abound. Sometimes tricky issues requiring expert legal guidance pop up unexpectedly in life. Other times they're more predictable but no less complicated.

Our civil lawyers are here for you to help you with:

  • Conducting your civil appeal
  • Expunging your criminal record
  • Getting your gun rights restored
  • Resolving property line disputes
  • Overseeing real estate transactions
  • Drafting your will
  • Navigating probate

Don't wait to get clarity on the tricky issues facing you or your family. Timeliness can be your best ally, whether you're looking to close on your first house, document your final wishes, or appeal an important civil case. Contact us today. Helland Law Group's civil litigation attorney team stands ready to help you gracefully maneuver through life's complicated transactions and challenging transitions.

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Questions about Civil Litigation? Ask Slater.

How is Helland’s civil litigation team different?▾

Trust me, you don’t want to work with just any Tacoma civil litigation attorney. Has our team won high-profile cases? Yes. Including an appeal at the Washington State Supreme Court. Our lawyers do have solid track records and impeccable credentials, but as their office dog I feel very qualified to tell you from first hand evidence that they’re also great people.

What does a civil attorney do?▾

Glad you asked. Civil lawyers cover a lot of territory. They’re like collies in that respect. Civil law basically refers to the area of law that concerns disputes between people, as opposed to criminal law which focuses on disputes between individuals and society, the government, etc. Because these person-to-person disputes often involve lawsuits, a civil attorney might sometimes be referred to as a civil lawsuit attorney. Tacoma, WA, is home to many civil attorneys. Our civil attorneys live up to both meanings of the word “civil” — polite, down-to-earth people who happen to be very good civil lawyers.

How do I set a civil lawsuit in motion?▾

Getting started with a civil lawsuit involves filing a complaint. This starts the litigation process, which can be lengthy and involved. This is just one reason most people don’t sue without the assistance and expertise of an accomplished civil lawsuit lawyer.