Child Support Modification in Washington State

Tacoma’s child support reduction and modification experts

People often ask us how often they can seek child support modification in Washington State. The simple answer: child support may be raised or lowered after two years from entry of the last support order ― or when one party can demonstrate a substantial change in circumstances.

Reasons for Child Support Modification

The following changes can all be legitimate reasons to modify child support:

  • Changes in the child’s age (turning 12)
  • A change in residential schedule (your child’s court-determined living arrangement)
  • Unanticipated income changes
  • A child’s wish to attend post-secondary schooling

At Helland Law Group, we can help you determine whether child support modification is legally possible and if so, help you obtain the best result.

For more easy-access information on modification of child support, visit our child support page, since modifying child support largely involves the same process as setting child support.

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