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Our attorneys stay current on the quickly evolving laws surrounding LGBT family law. Tacoma, WA, is home to many LGBT families. We’re committed to giving them the best in legal advice and client care.

The legal issues that some of these families may face will look the same as those faced by heterosexual couples. For instance, during a same sex divorce you will have to address all of the same issues as a heterosexual divorce, such as:

  • Division of assets and debts
  • A parenting plan
  • Child support

Still, working with a lawyer who is more familiar with LGBT family law has its advantages.

LGBT family law distinctives

Though LGBT divorce is essentially the same as heterosexual divorce, there are sometimes more complicated situations involved in the former. For instance, same sex divorce may be complicated by a prior domestic partnership, or the possibility that one spouse might not be the legal parent of a child that the couple has raised together.

As Tacoma’s compassionate advocates for the last 30 years, we know you want legal counsel from someone who understands the legal issues involved in gay and lesbian divorces, as well as the legal concerns that may appear during divorce proceedings.

Beyond that, you also want someone who empathizes with the confusing, even heart-wrenching challenges these kinds of situations pose.

You'll feel the difference when you discuss your specific legal questions with one of our attorneys. Due to changes in the law, all Washington Domestic Partnerships have been converted to marriages as of June 2013. Marriage comes with certain legal benefits and burdens that must be thoroughly considered.

If you have questions regarding a same sex marriage, our LGBT family law experts would be happy to offer you a 30-minute consultation to discuss your particular issues.

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Do same-sex couples have any particular issues to be concerned with, especially in relationship to the passage of R-74? ▾

Yes. Glad you asked. It is important for same sex couples to know that as of June 30, 2014, all same-sex domestic partnerships in Washington State have automatically been converted to marriages unless the couple in question has already married, one partner is over 62 years old, or an action to dissolve to partnership has been stated by June 30, 2014. If you have any questions regarding what the change from a domestic partnership to marriage means for you, please call our offices to speak with an attorney.