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Your family's best interest at heart

Need compassionate counsel from skilled family law attorneys? Tacoma, WA, and Pierce County have depended on Helland Law Group for over 35 years.

At Helland Law Group, our Tacoma family law attorneys have earned a reputation among peers and clients alike for being skillful, kind, and effective. When legal issues arise in your family, we know that the stakes couldn't be higher.

Our legal team is approachable, experienced, and brings a unique combination of aggressive advocacy and compassionate client care to everything they do.

What is Family Law?

Family Law refers to a broad area of law that deals with divorce and related issues. In a perfect world, family law wouldn't be needed, but we all know that this world is far from perfect. If you need legal counsel for a difficult family situation, you can rely on the expertise of our family law attorneys. Tacoma, WA, and the greater South Sound area turn to Helland Law Group for complicated situations like divorces, child custody disputes, dividing property and debts, and much more.

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What separates Helland Law Group from other family law attorneys in Tacoma, WA?▾

This old dog has been around the block and I’ve heard a lot of lawyer talk. Every law firm promises to be tough, to fight for all of your legal rights. My owners are no different, in that respect. But if you ask around, you'll find that Helland Law Group lives up to its claims. It is a successful, highly respected firm in the Tacoma legal community. But if you want to know what really sets us apart, it's the way that you're treated by our whole staff. Heck, as our office’s Canine Liaison, I’ve been known to warmly greet clients at the door with a wagging tail and a smile. Our support staff members happily answer your questions. And our compassionate, down-to-earth attorneys work hard for every client. Can’t ask for more than that.

Are there different types of divorce? ▾

I may just be a humble office dog, but I’ve seen all kinds of families come through our office — which is how I know each family situation requires a different approach to divorce. Our Tacoma divorce attorneys fit their approach to you. My owners will work with you to decide whether traditional litigation, mediation, negotiation, arbitration, collaborative law, or a hybrid of these approaches is best for your circumstance and they will guide you through the process. Basically, we can be as collaborative or aggressive as the circumstances require.

Does it cost money to talk with one of your family law attorneys?▾

Feel free to give us a call or shoot us a message. Or, if you're still wondering whether our team of Tacoma family law Attorneys really is all that different, go ahead and check us out on Facebook. You’ll find that I’m kind of a rockstar on our Facebook page. You can also read helpful legal articles there and on our blog. Once you feel comfortable with us, give us a call.

Will I need to prepare anything to meet with one of your Tacoma family Law attorneys?▾

Yes. Contact us for our Family Law Case Checklist to be sure you have everything you need to make the most out of your first meeting.

Does your office handle same-sex divorces? ▾

Yes. Our legal team at Helland Law Group has lots of experience handling issues unique to gay and lesbian couples and can help you best protect your interests through any separation process.