How to restore gun rights Washington State

Tacoma attorneys fighting for your firearm rights

If you want to know how to restore gun rights, Washington State allows you to take back your rights providing that you meet certain statutory requirements.

It is possible to lose your right to legally possess a firearm if you have been convicted of certain crimes. Knowing whether this applies to you can be tricky because a “conviction,” under Washington law, may include many different types of resolutions to your case, including deferred prosecutions.

Challenges of lost gun rights

If you have lost your rights to possess a firearm, you can no longer have a gun for personal protection or take part in activities such as hunting, which for many people is a hardship.

To make matters worse, the legal process of getting your gun rights restored in Washington State tends to be complex, often requiring multiple steps to achieve the result. Our attorneys at Helland Law Group know the common problems associated with restoring your gun rights and can help you navigate toward a resolution of the matter.

We would be happy to provide a consultation to discuss your particular matter and determine whether it is possible to restore your firearm rights in Washington.

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