Slater Helland

Canine Liaison

A true law dog, Slater, a shaggy dog wearing a necktie sits at desk in front of an open legal book. Behind Slater is a painting that shows the same dog in a full suit. While the photo is intended to be fun and whimsical, i

If you set up a consultation with one of our Tacoma attorneys, the first member of the Helland team you're likely to meet is our Canine Liaison, Slater. His specialties are power naps, fetch, and making you feel right at home.

This photo shows Helland Law Group's office dog, Slater, a shaggy dog of the Bouvier de...

Mostly a spokesdog and client companion, our office dog, Slater, has also been known to do the odd bit of consulting for us — dog bites, the occasional dog custody dispute and, of course, household accidents (yes that kind).

A certified therapy dog, Slater is as friendly as they come. He's also a trained sheepherder and an athlete who competes in agility events. Somehow he hasn't let his awesomeness go completely to his head. Slater can't wait to meet you, and the whole team at Helland Law Group is looking forward to it too.

A Word from Slater

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Q & A with Slater.

What's the question you get asked most frequently by other dogs?▾

What the heck is a Canine Liaison?

So, what is a Canine Liaison?▾

I guess you could say I'm part spokesdog, part client companion. When a nervous client comes in, I let them give me a pet. It calms them down. If they look cold, I might lie on their feet or something.

What about the spokesdog part of your job?▾

I speak for Helland Law Group because people tend to trust dogs quicker...unless you're a pitbull. Although, that isn't exactly fair, is it? It just takes a couple of bad pitbulls to give the whole breed a bad name.

Do you think that's the same with lawyers?▾

Yeah, I do. The lawyers that “bark” the loudest get the most attention and make attorneys everywhere look bad. But there are plenty of great lawyers out there. Take my humans, for example. Bob, Andrew and Patti are all really compassionate and super approachable attorneys. Are they smart, tough, and good at their jobs, too? You bet. But people like working with them because they're so down to earth. I mean, they hired a dog, for heaven's sake.

What's the best part of your job?▾

I'd be lying if I said I didn't love photo shoots. The trip to the groomer beforehand, the belly rubs for holding a pose, the treats. I mean, what dog wouldn't be into that? But the best part of my job is being part of a team that takes great care of clients. Yep. That's what gets me out of the kennel every morning.