Personal Injury Case Checklist

What to bring to your personal injury lawyer consultation

Personal Injury Checklist

Get your personal injury case started on the right foot by learning about the documentation you need to be ready to provide to support your case.

Wondering how much paperwork you will have to bring to start the personal injury claim process? We've got your answer below in the form of a Personal Injury Case Checklist. If you’d rather not read this full page, this quick video will let you know everything you need to bring to your first personal injury case meeting with one of our lawyers.


    Personal Injury Case Checklist (Bring these 6 things to your first personal injury appointment)

    Basic personal injury checklist (don't worry, it's easy)

    Our attorneys will not pass you off on a paralegal but rather will work personally with you towards securing compensation for the damages that you have suffered. Upon entering our office, you will be asked to provide some basic personal information prior to meeting with one of our attorneys. During your free personal injury consultation, it is best to come prepared so that we can adequately address your questions and concerns. You’ll also meet our friendly, compassionate staff.

    Ready for our Personal Injury Checklist? We recommend that you try to bring the following items with you:

    1. Photographs and other factual info regarding the accident
    2. Contact information for all parties and witnesses
    3. Insurance information for you and anyone else involved
    4. Medical records in your possession
    5. Names and contact info for all medical professionals that you sought treatment from
    6. Any accident or police reports in your possession


    Personal injury case checklist featuring 6 items to bring to 1st appointment with attorney

    Personal Injury Checklist PDF

    For easy printing from your computer, we've created a Personal Injury Checklist PDF. You can simply download this Personal Injury Checklist Form. Keep tabs on your progress with this simple to make sure you’ve gathered the best information to help our Tacoma personal injury attorneys assess your case and inform you of how much it might be worth. If you're curious right now what your case may be worth, you can check out our personal injury settlement calculator. However, we emphasize that this tool cannot account for all of the nuances of your personal case. Your best bet is always to contact us.

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