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Our experienced team of Tacoma attorneys can help with a broad range of legal needs including Family Law, Personal Injury, and Civil Disputes. Serving Tacoma since 1979, we've built our reputation on treating clients compassionately and advocating vigorously for them.

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Trust us. We have a dog.

Yes, we also have 50+ years combined legal experience, but why do we have a Canine Liaison? Is our office dog a gimmick? Hardly. Slater is a symbol of our commitment to take the stuffiness out of the legal profession while building on the success that has earned us the respect of our peers.

Our personal injury lawyers and divorce attorneys are approachable, compassionate people who can confidently walk you through whatever you're up against — and toward the best possible result. Consulting a lawyer probably wasn't your first choice for resolving the issue you're facing, but our team of Tacoma attorneys will not only prepare your case for you. They will prepare you for your case.

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Support Staff

Supporting our attorneys is an excellent office staff, including Slater, our Canine Liaison. Slater’s “case load” mainly consists of comforting clients with his quiet ways and shaggy, ultra-pettable coat. He's also our spokesdog.

Over 40 years in Tacoma

Originally founded as the Law Office of Robert Helland in 1979, our general practice law firm changed its name to Helland Law Group as it expanded and became a family affair. Affectionately known simply as Bob, Robert Helland has earned a reputation as a tough and effective litigator in the Pierce County court system, primarily focusing on personal injury lawsuits, divorces, and settlements. His warm manner, engaging sense of humor, and strong grasp of the law have frequently earned Bob referrals from former opposing parties.

The firm has grown to include Andrew Helland, Bob's son, and continues to build on the tone, excellence, reputation, and practice areas established by Bob more than 40 years ago.

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